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Gemma Flack is a tattooer, artist, zinemaker and musician originally from the UK, now living in Narrm/Melbourne on Wurundjeri land. 

Gemma ((they/them)) makes work about cute and angry femmes; exploring themes of identity, vulnerability, feminism, gender, mental health, queerness, self-discovery, and coming to terms with the concept of existing as a human. Their tattoo work is a celebration of colour, joy and gentleness, with a focus on reclamation of the body, relating to the body in a healthy way, and decorating our transient vessels with our identities.

Gemma is a DIY publishing enthusiast and long time Sticky Institute volunteer, and a co-owner of Pink Ember Studio. Their self-published zine titles include ‘Sad Girls From The Internet’, ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect, It Just Has To Exist’, ‘Bad Brain Club’ and ‘No More Tears’. Their work reflects inspirations from zine culture, street fashion, punk & DIY aesthetics, selfies & internet culture, body positivity, intersectional politics, girls taking selfies in their bedrooms, girls making music, girls making art, girls taking over the world.

instagram: @heygemmaflack

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