Info for before and after your tattoo appointment

Thanks so much for booking your tattoo! Crucible is a queer-run safe space, and we always do our best to make sure you’ll be comfortable here. Let us know if you have any requirements or any other questions.

Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions of the deposit on Crucible’s website.


309 Racecourse Road, Kensington 3031
(03) 9376 1585
250m walk from Newmarket Station (Craigieburn)
1km walk from Flemington Bridge Station (Upfield)
The 57 tram stops directly outside
Unlimited free parking at the rear on Eastwood/Parsons St

Before The Tattoo

You can do a few things for your body to make sure your tattooing experience goes as smoothly as possible:
• Get a good night’s sleep
• Be well fed and hydrated
• Avoid excess caffeine / stick to your usual amount
• Get your vitamins - vitamin C aids in healing, so loading up on citrus fruits and dark leafy greens before and after the tattoo will help your body
• Don’t be hungover, and don’t be under the influence of any substances during the tattoo
• Wear comfortable clothing that provides access to the area of the tattoo

At The Studio

It’s best to arrive right on time for your booking and no more than 10 minutes early - please be aware that sometimes appointments may go overtime and I may be running late, but I do my best to keep on track. There’s plenty of food options nearby, and a cafe next door.

If you might be late to your booking, please give the studio a call on (03) 9376 1585 to ensure I get the memo - this is preferable over an email as I may be with another client and not see your message.

If you have any nerves about your new tattoo, don’t be afraid to talk it through with us at the studio! We have a comfy sofa, a glass of water, vegan jelly beans and a quiet outside area if you need a breather.

Crucible is cash only, but there’s an ATM right across the road. I do my best to quote accurately, but please be aware that if you change the design, size or placement on the day, your final price may differ from what was originally estimated.

It’s totally fine to bring a friend with you to sit in on the booking, but if you’d like to bring more than one person please do check in advance.

During the tattooing process my priority is to keep you as comfortable as possible, but different people prefer a different experience. If you’d like to have a chat, or would prefer to bring a book or listen to headphones - either is totally fine and I’m more than happy to accomodate your needs.


Aftercare instructions will be provided to you at the booking, but you can never be too informed and I encourage you to do your own research as well. There’s many ways to heal a tattoo, but there’s a few golden rules. Aftercare is a very important part of the whole tattooing process - keep in mind that your tattoo is essentially a wound, and it should be treated carefully to avoid infection and to ensure that it looks it’s best as it heals. Handpoked tattoos generally heal faster and more painlessly as there is less trauma to the skin, but the same healing rules apply.

Crucible is now stocking aftercare packs, which consist of a small bottle of surgical soap for cleaning your tattoo, and Second Skin Tattoo Cream for moisturising.

Keep It Clean:

• Keep your cling wrap on for around 3 hours to protect it whilst you’re travelling home, and while the tattoo is at its most vulnerable.
• Dispose of the wrapping safely, and thoroughly wash with lukewarm water to remove any residue.
• Make sure you’re only touching it with clean hands, and don’t let anyone else touch it!
• I recommend you wash the tattoo twice a day for the first few days, and then once a day in the shower from then on.
• Liquid soap is preferable to bar soap which may harbour bacteria. It’s best to avoid any products with fragrance or parabens - Dr Bronner’s unscented varieties work great.
• Pat the tattoo dry with paper towels instead of using a cotton towel, and let air dry for 10 minutes before moisturising.

Keep It Moisturised:

• Apply your chosen ointment after washing and when the tattoo feels dry - usually around 3-5 times a day.
• Use a thin layer and be careful not to overload the skin.
• During healing your skin will be peeling and flaky - this is completely normal.
• My personal favourite tattoo healing product is Lush’s Ultrabalm, but you can use any moisturising agent which is fragrance free, paraben free, and petroleum free. Crucible stocks Second Skin tattoo cream, or organic coconut oil works well for smaller handpoked pieces. If you’re old school you can use Bepanthen, but there’s products specifically designed for tattoos that are more appropriate - this is a personal choice thing!
• Don’t use vaseline / petroleum jelly on a new tattoo, as it creates too heavy a barrier and prevents the skin from breathing and healing. Papaw ointment is often a popular choice, but its composition is 96% petroleum jelly so please consider an alternative.

Things To Avoid:

• Swimming in the sea / pools / soaking the tattoo in the bath within the first week - this risks infection and colour loss.
• Hot showers on the tattoo in the first few days - this will sting and can draw colour out so please wash it in lukewarm, comfortable water.
• Avoid exposing the tattoo to direct sunlight in the first 2 weeks - once it’s fully healed you can use sunscreen to keep the colours from fading.
• Avoid scratching, picking or rubbing at the tattoo. It will be itchy, so you can apply a thin layer of cream, gently slap it, or give it a fresh wash, dry and moisturise.
• Avoid excessive sweating / exercise / movement / friction from clothes in the area while it’s fresh.
• If you sleep with pets, it’s best to sleep on clean sheets or wear clean light breathable clothing over the tattoo, and avoid your pet touching or licking the tattoo whilst it’s healing!

Thanks for reading, and please let me know if you have any further questions!

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