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♡ Please use this form below for bookings and enquiries, or email me directly with the below info at

♡ I really appreciate every tattoo enquiry and I aim to reply as quickly as possible - please understand that during busy times it may take longer than I hope, and I appreciate your patience! I’m currently booking around a month in advance (currently November and December in Melbourne). Any cancellation spots and travel plans will be updated on my instagram @heygemmaflack

♡ Pricing will depend on the complexity of the design and the size and placement on the body - the minimum booking at Crucible is $150, and most of my designs range from $200 - $350.

♡ Bookings currently available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday & Saturdays.

♡ Flash is updated on my instagram in the Flash story tag - I tattoo each flash piece once, but if a design has been taken I am happy to do a variation so that you have a unique piece! I’m also happy to do custom tattoos and work with you to collaborate on a design.

♡ Due to issues with my wrists I’m mostly tattooing with machine, and handpoking smaller pieces if requested. The size, placement and design will inform whether the piece should be handpoked or tattooed with machine - here’s more info about the different styles.

♡ You must be over 18 to get a tattoo - tattooing a minor is illegal in Victoria, even with parental consent. Thank you!

Name *
Please include as much information as you are able on the design: a description of custom work, a flash choice, if you prefer colour or black & grey, notes on general ~vibe~. Once I reply you can attach reference photos.
Please include a rough size (in cm) and your thoughts on placement. This doesn't have to be your final decision, but an idea helps me to estimate pricing.
Preferred Days of the Week *
Preferred Time
Are you travelling to Melbourne, or have specific dates that work best for you?
Handpoke or Machine?
Handpoke is suited to small and delicate pieces under 2 hours. Machine is ideal for larger / bolder pieces with more colour. If you don't have a preference, I'm happy to advise based on the design and placement.

thank you!


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